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A simple guide to help you get started


1. We support multiple freelance websites. Select one of more project categories e.g. Web Programming for each of the freelance site that you are interested in, and optionally set some project keywords e.g asp, php, .NET, to refine your project search. Freelance will only include those projects in your selected project categories that contain at least one or more of those project keywords.

2. There are a few settings you can set to change the behaviour of the app. You can do so by navigating to the Settings screen. From there you can switch on “Startup refresh” to automatically refresh your project list when you start the app. Push notification can be also be switched on or off on that same screen. If you have enabled Push Notifications, you will automatically be notified of any new projects in your selected project categories. Also, there is an option called “Auto Purge”. This allows you to set the number of days to keep projects for offline viewing. By default, this is set to 5 days, which means that any projects that are older than 5 days are automatically purged from your project list.

3. Once your project list has been refreshed, you can tap on each individual project for more information such as Project Detailed Summary. There are a set of actions supported in the Project Detail Screen. If you want to view the full project information, you can navigate directly to the project website via Safari by choosing the “Open in Safari” action. Other project actions supported include: emailing/messaging project details to a friend and flagging important projects. To navigate between projects, you can either use left or right swipes or use the “Back” button to navigate back to the Project List screen.